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boo, chanted, its him, said, partial face hollie, many many many hollies, there was she hollie like light, shaking no, then showed, pray, clapped, new marine corp. out in the streets, said, Jesus, tell me what the marine corp. is doin out in the streets said hollie and, its, him, said, hidden partial face hollie, with, mostly silhouette face, but face appears, he wore white robe, but, partial face hollie, showed, you got me he said, thats angel people walking like lit people, one wore plad coat, turned into hollie, but back to dot head, its, she, said, he made me she said, she said, sitting at Gods interviewing table, but laughed, hey we want loot man said, our social security pension he said, stripped, woman protests, he said, hollie, thats Father out on, steam engine, said, hollie, barack obama announces, said, hollie, hey she pointed, he adjusted tie, walks, away, its economic collapse, he said, in his heart, you know when, said barack obama, thats bill clinton, telling people before, its n.a.f.t.a., he won, God said, they lost, thats it, danny showed, turn, said, hollie, its chinook again, said, two hollies, with, its, him, said, partial face hollie, but only face there, and not very, Jesus, looks at picture frames, all her appeared, but God only used face, like furry face, thats hollie like bear, I'm with that, hollie, said, its, putin, russia, putin had three ribs, in mouth, thats chinook, again, said, hollie, with, its him, said partial face hollie, flying, gabriel on rope agin, hollie said, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, russia burning, thats many rockets striking, thats, whew, venezuela, said, said, him, another, hollie, said, exploding, brazil burns, thats uh fire dragon, hollie, said, with, kings appearing, its, were the g8 said, it putin, partial hollie said, i'm the beast, said, its vladimir agin, said, hollie, what am I doin, said, hollie, wearing, white robe, shook, yes, its, o.k., she said, new marine corp., its out in the streets, said, hollie and Jesus, thats two marine guards, tall dot head, gabriels face appeared, but changed back, hollie like silhouette face, many hollies, pilfering, they, pilfer, said, partial face hollie, people running streets, its economic collapse said barack obama wearing plad sweatshirt, leaves,

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