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       Holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body your perfect size coming in, and right after salvation Jesus starts doing this and its worse:  Jesus spoke and does this: 7-14-2010-go home and perish, saith the LOrd, for I persecute my servants, driving them to suicide, and make them, a open mock to, people that saw them on fire, for me, saith the Lord, I betray, and will destroy my own, to laugh at them, persecuting, their dick, making it hard, caressing, teasing, making facial muscles tithen when using, to ruin their appearance, messing with their hearts, making them wrath, angry, not able to bare, to ruin them, deseasing their gums and body, causing tooth and hair loss, mocking, them, letting them see me in visions laughing at them, come to me saith the King, and I will ruin your every, thing, to laugh, for you are nothing to me, but a worm,      the Holy Ghost showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 11-15-2010-hollie looked concerned, to the side, its him, hollie said, partial face hollie, but she, was, hidden, he tickled her feet, had, light, feather, and silhouette, face, mostly, but his eyes appeared, he wore white robe, hollie showed, teenage chat, bob dont do, hollie showed, wearing white robe, thats, him, said, another, hollie, but, face, was, like uh bear, said, hollie, thats, hollie like bear appearing, arise and destroy that, said, Jesus, hollie like bear shakes, yes, had three ribs in mouth, and who are these, bobby, said, hollie, same hollie, another, hollie, comes, out, points, thats cuba appearing on one, Jesus, looks, nicaragua, mexico, appearing, thats three dot head captain hollies appearing, in submarines, missiles strike, them, those, three lands, Jesus, said, thats, its, they, shower, said, hollie, and, america exploded, its near that, said, another, hollie, gulf coast states exploded, thats, one, she, hollie, hey, said, partial face hollie coming out, thats, same she hollie that did bear scene, JEsus tells her, I need another, bear, she shakes, yes, thats, its, world shaking, said, hollie, Jesus, came like, happy face, and, thats, him on, his white horse, riding on, its globe hollie said, like white world, it smiled, its mine said world at, its sitting at Gods interviewing table, said, hollie, hollie claps, was dark hollie, then normal hollie, but changed back, maybe its, time, she, said, this is, vision, please post, hollie said, please keep me said, its board, said, hollie, its new ministry of dreams, its o, said, hollie, hand over mouth, its bring tumblr back, said, new, ministry of dreams, website, thats hollie playing with, finding e-mail address and password, that work, thats pope, riding, black, horse, captain, Jesus like, dog soars in, its spacebombem jet hollie said, its him, said, partial face hollie, she appeared, hollie showed, its flash drive, bob hoard'uhm, she said, no, said, its, him, said, partial face hollie, showed, away, but, shook, yes, hey, said, partial face hollie, came out, she, wore white robe, there seemed to be face changes, she said, hollie showed, record, but hard to make out, said partial face hollie, only mouth appeared, but, its, him, she said, like golden hollie man, 

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