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  • the pentecostal decision

    06 avril 2010

    the Holy Ghost entered me bob hickman like a body my perfect size which is the ACTS 2:38 born again HOly Spirit infilling fullfilled and after Jesus saves starting day one of before, he said and does this and speaks-visions received 7-14-2011-I the Lord...

  • information on pentecost, information on apostolic

    01 janvier 2012

    1-1-2012-bob hollie showed, its the new year, hollie showed time, white clothes, on, hit one arm on other, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, look, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, like uh white angelic man, hollie comes out, face not formed yet,...


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  • : the Lord came inside me like body when I was 32, bob hickman is Holy Ghost baptizmed
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