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6 avril 2010 2 06 /04 /avril /2010 22:33

the Holy Ghost entered me bob hickman like a body my perfect size which is the ACTS 2:38 born again HOly Spirit infilling fullfilled and after Jesus saves starting day one of before, he said and does this and speaks-visions received 7-14-2011-I the Lord torture my servants, causing them harm to make them perish, cause I lie and betray and try to make them perish by all day teasing and messing with doing things like caressing penus with electricity, causing facial muscles to tighten when using causing wrinkles, and letting them see me in visions lauging at them, causing them harm and hurting them deep in their hearts all day, thats hollie appearing, showing, bob its time, she said, had on her light show, showed, go, thats hollie walking, starting chainsaw, and cutting up branches, and then taking back, lets store, she said, wiped off sweat, its the a.b.s.a., hollie said, thats her sitting at, and, its tomorrow, she said, thats her being sworn, yes I solomly swear she said, but look at God, laughs, shes, the new, pentecostal assemblies of the world, that the presiding bishop, of, its, p.a.w., reading this, and Jesus appears, shows, its peoples christian church, and angel coming out of building, showed, building, grunts, its like uh light head, hollie said, she appeared, i'm really, building said, its angel, new world order apostolic church, and I stamp, hollie said, scene changes, and Gods new hammer, like, uh, brown head, hollie points, mouth open, but doesnt speak, but turns, i'm, it said, but was really popes care giver, with pointy, hat, saith God, showed, its the ministering spirits, and the presiding bishop, lets research that, he said, has secretary do it, its, hes elijah, she said, o, shakes, bishop, 8-2-2011-hollie showed, be still she said, put it under, a he hollie, him, she said, did say, now let see, hollie said, bob, he hollie showed, eat, its chicken legg, but he didnt, she said, keep fasting, thats unhappy bob, wearing, its uh burgundy, hollie said, sweatshirt, but Gods hammer appeared, like Ghost hollie, him, she said,

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prophetic1.over-blog.com 06/04/2010 23:29

4-6-2010-christian, said, hollie, shook, dont, this is website, lets post, said, hollie, showed, new ministry of dreams website, its, over blog, hollie, said, put it under, dont use overblog, thats
them going under, said, hollie, bob, hollie, said, showed, time, showed, run, when, you get outside, hollie showed, record, had, watch on, showed, eat, bob, said, hollie, thats pope, riding, black
horse, its in to, moscow, pope, hollie said, thats, pope, signing, deal, with, medvedev, bob, said, hollie, work with it, hollie laughs, its your doctor rev. said, hollie, jeremy taylor, d.min
appears, said, hollie, within one month, said, hollie, thats, rev. jeremy taylor u.u. removing what he stole, hollie showed, the God spoke, she, said, Ministry of Dreams, thats, it, said, hollie,
kathryn taylor, shakes, yes, steals, but both remove, like their jenny donati, said, hollie, showed, its, of, the, paliban daily, and, you, said, hollie, its antonia vladimirova appearing, shes
dreams foundation, showed, hollie, toni vladimirova, calls self reverend, and steals, the God, spoke, said, hollie, Ministry of dreams after bob signs dreams foundation guest book, thats rev. toni
vladimirova looking at visions, hollie teaches music, how to sing, i'm the beast, said, pope, thats serpent, snake appearing in fiery scene, sticking out, tongue, popes face appears on, hollie,
showed, turn, get drink, go, loose belt stone, said, hollie, what was hollie saying for, said, hollie, that, was, lighted shaft pointing, yellow, thats angel riding yellow lightening bolt, let me
said, hollie, bob, said, hollie, and, I showed, pope, hollie, said, this is hollie with, that, o loose belt sumb, s,u,m,b, that was Jesus, said, hollie, riding the lightening bolt, storm clouds
brewing, hollie showed, record, and I stamp, said, hollie, beast, pope arose, russia is now, preparing, to strike america, with, nuclear destruction, said, hollie, showed, bobs new website, its,
thought hollie, like tear drop post angel, that, was, hollie, hands lit, body faded in, showed, its uh glass city, hollie, said, new jerusalem, crystal sea with captain hollie in his akula class
submarine, fired, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, russia burning, world shakes, Jesus, watches, moon looks down, bobby, said, moon, smoke rises, bobby, said, hollie, showed, picture,
you know who it is, said, hollie, its pope, let me, tap the stick, said, hollie, pope, she, said, arose, theres, hu hintao, hollie relaxed, there, you have it, both beasts, hollie, said, hollie
showed, turn, big yellow lighted hand, tear up, said, hollie, with, lighted, bear paws, from behind, hollie showed, bear paws, that, was john m. stepehnson showing turn, said, hollie, lighted being
showed nothing, said, hollie, this is uh warnin, said, hollie, aw shut up, said, hollie, playing music, there prayin, said, hollie, git out, said, pastor stephenson, said, hollie, Lord I want him,
said, mrs. john m. stephenson, thats bob sitting, on front row, you liar, said, mrs. stephenson, hollie showed, its, hollie put sign in, apostolic church franklin, that, was, cloud, whats clouds
word, said, hollie, i'm, said, cloud, hey, said, hollie, clouds face looked like hollies face, laughed, thats hollie like uh nigger, black, bobby its just leave me alone, said, hollie, with,
futuristic noise, hollie played his music, website say, said, hollie, its miarroba, hollie, said, the new, ministry of dreams, said, hollie, showed, trolley, said, hollie, and he saw, it, was,
said, casey, its opening in, street, trolley tracks, buried beneath, hollie, showed, i'm said, trolley, bobby, said, Jesus, what does the website say, said, hollie, thats, new ministry of dreams
website looking around, showed, thumbs up, i'm, ministry of dreams website, said, bobby, said, hollie, slapped, that, said, hollie, nuclear explosion in australia, hollie appeared, that, was,
missiles flying striking, that, said, hollie, russia, exploded, missiles left russia, that, said, hollie, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploded, hollie spun globe, america exploded, thats, submarines
all around, thats, sun and moon, looking at smoke rising, watch this, said, Jesus, thats, God strengthening, the hollie, showed, sh, be quiet, she said, butler bulldogs to win, its n.c.a.a. title,
hollie said, thats butler player with ribbon around, hollie showed, lay down, hollie showed, record, bob you see that grass, you will cut that, three days into your fast and I will say go and die,
hollie had light watch on, showed, lay down, bob, said, hollie, showed, light watch, go, you hide from me in sin to be abated saith God, live for me so I can torture you,

bob hickman 16/11/2010 01:14


hollie showed, said, Jesus, another, hollie appears, thats hand, said, hollie, showed, you did not want, bob said, hollie showed, it moves, she said, but was not seen, but was there, walked out,
but appeared dimly before, God, said, bob cut it off, Jesus, said, put it under, hollie said, its, bob said, i am gog, said, it pontey, pope, hollie said, riding his black horse, its into russia,
he said, hollie said,

bob hickman 06/04/2010 22:39

i'm the man Jesus came inside like a body perfect size

bob hickman 16/11/2010 01:12


its I am gogey, said, its pope, hollie said, wearing white robe, looking, stunned, Jesus said, she, sat at Gods interviewing table, bob you offer, she said, but, they, didnt take it, they
refused, hollie said, thats pastor blair, reading his offer, shoot, he said, but, knaw, said, hollie, hes not, the former prime minister, said, her, at, its, great britain, she, said, and I
stamped, she, said, thats, four british, its vanguard class submarines, hollie said, all with, like dot head captain hollies, and one she, hollie, hey said, another, hollie coming out, pointing,
she is appearing, lots said God, great britain exploded, its they shower, said, hollie, thats, many missiles, striking, its russia, said, hollie, scene spins, let me turn it, said, a partial
appearing, hollie, with, its monkeys, lips, Jesus said, russia burned, missiles struck, but left there, hollie said, striking, its the u.s.a., said, hollie, turn it, she said, sene spins, bob you
wouldnt let me, she said, post, get visions out, hollie, said, put it under, she said, go home and eat, like hollie with golden face and monkeys lips said, but her top part not seen, but was
there, but a different color,

bob 06/04/2010 22:36

thanks mcuh

bob hickman 16/11/2010 01:05


hollie vision-vision recevied 11-15-2010-in this vision I partially saw hollie turned to the side wearing like white robe, and she had golden face with maybe monkeys lips, shes back, said, its
hollie, said, hollie, its, cindy, many scenes, cindy, is here, said, hollie, she showed, its both beasts, its i'm out, said, him, said partial face hollie, bob, she said, you loved me to much, he
left, but laughed, i'll be back, he said, its the pope and hu, partial face hollie appeared, over, its, like, angel man showing, pictures, its real, he said, sitting at, its Gods interviewing
table, said, partial face hollie, stamped, its scene spins, she, said, but, another, hollie, then, another, said, hollie, but she was not seen, but, another, hollie came out, hand over mouth, and
like cindy appears, with like, dull grayish, face, God, said, put it undle, hollie said, i'm the beast, said, it, hollie said, its o vladimir agin, said, its babyfleas, she runs, God laughs, she
wore uh white robe, but, she will have to give an account, said, Jesus, it God, hollie said, wearing white robe, but another, hollie appears, showing, she, said, that hollie said, God said,


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