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9-28-2010-I want you bob to be mocked, go ahead fast untill death, saith the Lord, he aint gonna let me, record, said, hollie, and I stamp, hollie, said, thats, beast, carriage, coming, out, hollie said, theres, the, pope, and, hu, hollie, said, relaxed like white hollie, you see these two beasts she said, will rule the world, said, hollie and putin, write the vision, said, hollie, and he hollie plays music, you will git it, he, said, thats hollie speaking thru, its megaphone, she, said, hollie, like golden in shakes, hollie showed, turn, only arms, visiable, they were, white, hollie, said, then, hollie, rest of her, body, dimly faded in, she, wore dress, and, I, showed, you, uh, picture, hollie, said, its pope, she said, smiling, hollie showed, with thumb, another, hollie, said, up, blew hollie, him, said, partial face hollie, balloon, Jesus, came, thats, world below, shaking, many countries exploding, smoke rises, captain hollie soars in his spacebomber jet, thats, hollie, that reports book sells, its, abbeville, alabama, she appears again, book sold, hollie said, looked, at, JEsus, for, word, hollie said, Jesus, showed, eat, and, we, stamp, hollie, said, thats, new world order, stagecoach, hollie said, coming out, theres, the, pope, and, hu, there you have it, said, hollie, took it, easy, God, said, another, hollie, comes out, points, places hand over, mouth, looks, at, bob, to, see if he was going to record, she, said, bob did, both beasts, hollie said, book, thats, hollie book reporter, showing, its, book, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, today she said, sold, about, hollie and Jesus talked, 2000 copies, heres how, said, hollie, showed, its, word of mouth, hollie sees putin, inside, stagecoach, its red on that side, three ribs appear in, o vladimir, said, hollie, mouth, Jesus, shows, many hollies, both he and she, boo, they chanted, hollie showed, pocket tape recorder, with, hollies picture, on, hollie pulled sleeves up, showed, its war, she, said, come on, said, hollie, its, the, king of grecia, appearing, with, its, ram horns, said, hollie, and, God, thats, ram with, putins, face, out of, one horn, its hu hintao, said, hollie, with, his flower, theres, pope, hollie said, out of other, with, its putin and medvedev, thats, hegoat pope charging, smiting the ram, hollie comes out, shows, its, time, blew balloon with hollie on, a she hollie comes out, pointed, but looked at bob, to see, hollie said, she shook yes, bob recorded, hollie pointed at color in he hollies mouth on balloon, thats, hu hintao riding the red horse, pointed, hollie, its into over taiwan said hintao, exploded, hintao turns red horse, battles washington state, with, his sword, its light sword, hollie fights back with blue sword, another, hollie with like round face, flys out, its xp-39 bomber jet, drops bomb, thats chinese ship exploding, it left, hollie screamed, showed, eat, pope said, hollie, and, he, saw, said, casey, its pope another hollie, said, thats, I aint the wishion, its ponety, hollie said, did say, hollie broke the stick, wearing like, its, dress, two colors, theres, like, dull golden bottom and, shirt, hollie tore up, facing bob, like, happy lighted hollie, hollie put back, had, popes picture with brown hair, o, said, another, hollie, put hand over mouth, looked at bob, shook, yes, bob recorded, let, said, putin, laying, before, rule the world, pope shakes, yes, hollie flys in, its, his spacebomber jet, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, russia burning, smoke rises, blocks sun and moon, its, were abased said, sun, in smoke, laughs, plays, thats moon like well dressed man, this is uh warning, you can not sleep no more, said, hollie, syria said hollie, and, he saw, it, said, casey, o, said, hollie, hand over mouth, came out, looked at bob, he, recorded, there was, darkness in caseys mouth, thats nuclear fire in syria, egypt and jordan, from, its missile strike, said, hollie, thats, rocket leaving russia with, its new, dancing exomba, ministry of dreams, website, on, its, o, said, hollie, hand over mouth, looked at, bob, its, deformed, hollie said, looks at xomba website, theres red, its angel man, with much, different colors on one side, on other, just spec, i'm the xomba website said, and red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, thats, king of mexico popping out of head, theres lula and chavez, thats putin with ten horns on his head, and, pope out of one, its, uh, rulin party, hollie said, it goes into israel, exploded, hollie pointed, its pope in the fire like angel of light, theres submarines right there, said, hollie, with its the submarine somby, said, him, said partial face hollie, all around america, new marine corp. out in the streets, said, hollie, like, silhouette face marines, theres gabriel and hollie she showed, thats, people like lit up dot heads, marching, its, lootin, said, hollie, hey we want high wages man said, they chant, hollie, said, no labor, its, under, hollie said, economic collapse, grunted barack obama at podium, leaves, its under united states, said, man, attack it said hollie, thats nuclear fireball behind, its, the, statue of liberty, its, the woman, hollie said, which reigneth over the kings of the earth, hollie said, hollie screamed, showed, lay down, hollie, him, said, partial face hollie, showed, lay down, hollie snapped fingers, it, was she hollie, this time, hollie, showed, richard petty cars, hand showed, you did not want hollie showed, was white, showed, hollie, had like hollie in top part of palm, http://www.prophetic.beep.com


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