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remember your torino said hollie, its him, said partial face hollie, spinning rear tires, in, its uh 1971 stamped hollie with bear paw, showed, its popes image on, thumb, sign it, said, pope, thats two horned beast with hintao and japanese emperor coming out of horns, they sign, its 666 peace treaty, gabriel watches, chinese forces invading much of destroyed russia, thats pope telling medvedev, you otta drive them outta there, he parked his black horse, it, they, exchange, said, hollie, nuclear fires in russia and china, then, they sign, its uh peace treaty, yes, shook, golden face hollie, loose belt somby, said, hollie, thats, hollie, wearing white robe with like monkeys face, you dont want to, do no, more, thats what your leaning toward, said the main ministering spirit, hollie blew like invisible balloon, smiling, him, its, said, a ever changing partial face hollie, but face, appeared, golden, hey thats the main, said, another, hollie, but partial face with somewhat silhouette face did appear, thats the copter, no it aint, just hollie, with, its, blade kind, hollie said, coming out of, hollie saw, he had like, attachment to, back, that blade hooked into, thats gabriel on rope, hollie showed, turn, him, its, said, partial face hollie, with, face, not, to, well, done, thats many hollies, its the g8, said, hollie, another, hollie said, thats nuclear fire in turkey and rockets leaving there, striking, it that said another, hollie, russia exploded but missiles left there, striking nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, burned, hollie tore up, like uh golden bear hollie said she hollie, look said hollie, like thing hollie, showed, its, pope, she, said, you made uh decision, pope said, little people talking, clapped, hollie, enthusiastic hollie reappears, we dont mind being called little people said, hollie, thats tony george, many he and she hollies appeared, even new, she said, sleep, hollie, said, had dark feet, hands, hollie showed, lay down, but he woke up, hollie showed, i'm the pope, said, its pontey, said partial face hollie, then she appeared, golden face, Jesus flipped the pages of, drawings, frames, thats, hand, showing, you did not want, hollie showed, theres uh dome in, hollie said, saw, with, its him, said, partial face hollie, in, hollie screamed, its, the chinook again, captain he hollie appears, o, said, its, the m.v., hollie appears, golden lips, bobs ship agin, the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, o ship, said, as three torpedoes rock, its hilter on deck said hollie, hollie screamed, let me scream for, she, said, screamed again, whew let me said, it, said partial face hollie, was, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, pope, she, said, like, angel of light, I do not care if the children know what I do if they get saved saith Jesus, I will not be brought down by you telling on me, boo chanted many hollies, he showed, a, flash, hard dive, bob, git, he said, they will, hollie showed, turn, she said, sleep hollie said, showed, hands, arms, complained, they were dark, she showed, pope, his picture, I aint the vision, he said,

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