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1 janvier 2012 7 01 /01 /janvier /2012 22:37

1-1-2012-bob hollie showed, its the new year, hollie showed time, white clothes, on, hit one arm on other, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, look, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, like uh white angelic man, hollie comes out, face not formed yet, thinning strands of hair, different colors, red and white striped shirt on, its, tee shirt, hollie said, you need to record, let me, hollie said, stamps, hey, theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, rising, up, hes happy pope like angel of light, showed, its, white light with black outlines, bob, its Jesus pointed, hollie, its moodie fucking janette again, its, soon, janette wore red plad coat, moodie, gray sweatshirt, they, hollie showed, come together, turned into happy janette, its, soon, she said, heres sign, bobby you cant go on much longer cause you will grieve, bobby, hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, showed, its popes picture, like angel of light but not overly happy, hollie screamed, came out, showed, bob, she waited, but laughed, looked at bob, grecia, he said, jumpy hollie said, like monkey lipped nigger, stomped, had white dress on, bears in border, its pope coming out of horn, theres putin and, medvedev with, thats hintao out of other, hollie showed, its war, nuclear and thats missiles aimed, firing, its at each other, thats nuclear fires in, its russia and china, thats pope, sitting, its at the bargaining table, thats two horned beast hollie like lamb, hollie like red beast, hintao out of one horn, theres empy out of other, its japanese prime minister, they sign the, its, mark treaty, its 666, take it, pope said, hintao showed, no way, they go to own lands, theres your double beater copter, hollie said, its high above, hollie showed, with fingers, fans, spinning, angel flew, with, its him, he hollie, hanging by rope, hollie showed, turn, like, dark hollie, hollie screamed, now look bob, she said, showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, theres Gods hammo like happy angelic being, thinning hair, but hollie thought, eyes not formed, yet, but like golden cap, appeared on hollie, hollie fed animals, again, hollie showed, turn, came out, what, does, your website have to say, many, hollie said, but, theres, a, sound with, moodie, appeared, but, different hollies with him, thats, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, ministry of dreams, website Father, appearing, like, its God, hollie said, raise your mantle and repeat after me hollie sang, boo, what did they chant boo for hollie said, its, with the whistling another, hollie said, its, sumb sorry, sandy said, but she wasnt seen to well hollie showed, light shined in the, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, Gods hammo, hey look hollie said, hes aging angelic being, different colored strands of hair, hollie screamed, many he hollies on land going up, hollie showed, turn, bob, hollie said, showed, picture, its pope, no expression, she said, boo, ran in place hollie, golden leggs, white dress, monkeys lips, write the vision, hollie said, hey theres, Gods hammo, hollie, said, like, cool breeze angelic being, more, hair, looking somewhat yonger, he was wanting to dance, thats, what, hollie said, hollie said, they age it, its candian mist, it makes whiskey more, hollie looked around, got word, Jesus came out, face hollie sees, not same o face, it makes whiskey rougher, hollie showed, buy rid-x, had box, but Gods hammo appeared on next one like somewhat unseen eye hammo, angelic head, bobby, hollie thought, just do, buy rid-x, thats kroger, bob buying box, its only six fifty nine, with, its, kroger card and thats hollie giving coupon, hollie showed, turn, showed, lay down, hollie showed, turn, golden long hand, http://www.tagged/Jesusinsidebobhickman

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6 avril 2010 2 06 /04 /avril /2010 22:33

the Holy Ghost entered me bob hickman like a body my perfect size which is the ACTS 2:38 born again HOly Spirit infilling fullfilled and after Jesus saves starting day one of before, he said and does this and speaks-visions received 7-14-2011-I the Lord torture my servants, causing them harm to make them perish, cause I lie and betray and try to make them perish by all day teasing and messing with doing things like caressing penus with electricity, causing facial muscles to tighten when using causing wrinkles, and letting them see me in visions lauging at them, causing them harm and hurting them deep in their hearts all day, thats hollie appearing, showing, bob its time, she said, had on her light show, showed, go, thats hollie walking, starting chainsaw, and cutting up branches, and then taking back, lets store, she said, wiped off sweat, its the a.b.s.a., hollie said, thats her sitting at, and, its tomorrow, she said, thats her being sworn, yes I solomly swear she said, but look at God, laughs, shes, the new, pentecostal assemblies of the world, that the presiding bishop, of, its, p.a.w., reading this, and Jesus appears, shows, its peoples christian church, and angel coming out of building, showed, building, grunts, its like uh light head, hollie said, she appeared, i'm really, building said, its angel, new world order apostolic church, and I stamp, hollie said, scene changes, and Gods new hammer, like, uh, brown head, hollie points, mouth open, but doesnt speak, but turns, i'm, it said, but was really popes care giver, with pointy, hat, saith God, showed, its the ministering spirits, and the presiding bishop, lets research that, he said, has secretary do it, its, hes elijah, she said, o, shakes, bishop, 8-2-2011-hollie showed, be still she said, put it under, a he hollie, him, she said, did say, now let see, hollie said, bob, he hollie showed, eat, its chicken legg, but he didnt, she said, keep fasting, thats unhappy bob, wearing, its uh burgundy, hollie said, sweatshirt, but Gods hammer appeared, like Ghost hollie, him, she said,

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